Ms. Chelsea Romany    Registered Massage Therapy


Chelsea Romany graduated with honours from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 2015. During her time in college, she completed a variety of athletic and hospital outreaches including placements at the University of Waterloo Athletic Department and Hospice Wellington in Guelph, ON. As an active person, who has been involved in sports since a young age, Chelsea understands the importance of properly treating your body. Her focus is treatment based massage therapy working with chronic, acute or sports injuries, or anyone who wants to move better.

Previously, she attended Humber College for Fitness and Health Promotion wanting to assist in the well being of others. Although she enjoyed what she was doing as a personal trainer, Chelsea was driven to expand her knowledge and to help others further, which lead her into Massage Therapy. Having experienced injuries and rehabilitation herself, she found passion in helping others to overcome their limitations as well.

Chelsea has a background in stretching, kinesiology taping, structural balance, soft tissue and fascial release. Combining these modalities along with recognizing how much pressure the client’s body responds to (deep or light!), to stretch and soften the tissue allows for the massage to help restore postural balance, ease of movement, and a feeling of being more at home in your own body. By also including homecare exercises or stretches, the client is able to continue making progress between treatments.

Through continuously studying anatomy, biomechanics, pathologies and the effects massage has on the systems of the body, Chelsea has the goal of helping her clients obtain an optimal quality of life. Chelsea continues learning in order to help her clients manage stress, correct imbalances, and maintain a healthy and pain-free lifestyle by providing high quality treatments. 

Chelsea is in good standing with the Canadian College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, and Registered Massage Therapists of Ontario Association. She is also a Sports Massage Therapist Certified Candidate with the Canadian Sports Massage Association.

Hours provided below as well as alternating Saturdays: 9-1, call for details.

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