Knee Pain


Knee pain is most commonly the result of athletic activities and degenerative changes. Our knees are subject to a tremendous amount of weight-bearing forces. These forces are best handled in a straight forward to backward motion. This is the primary motion the knee joint was designed for. Shearing force (force from the sides) and torque (rotational force) are more difficult for the knee joint to handle. Shear and torque account for many of the sports-related knee injuries. There are a variety of situations that can cause tightness, weakness, and abnormal function of the knee. For example, repetitive use with certain sports or occupations, poor posture, lack of use, lack of stretching, muscle imbalances, or previous injuries can all affect the normal function of the knee and surrounding muscles resulting in excessive strain to the area. Common injuries include meniscal tears, ligament sprains/tears, runner’s knee, jumper’s knee, muscle strains and bursitis. Many of these common conditions are amenable with simple and effective treatments available at Chiropractic Plus.

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