Elbow Pain


The presence of elbow pain can have a tremendous impact on our lives. When elbow pain develops it often results in the restricted use of our arm and hand both at work, and in our free time, affecting our enjoyment and quality of life. What may be surprising is that many elbow problems are associated with strain occurring at the wrist and hand, not just the elbow itself. In fact, the majority of the muscles that control bending the wrist forwards and backwards actually run all the way from the hand, up the forearm and attach at the elbow. This repetitive wrist motion can result in elbow tendonitis (Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow). Other common elbow injuries that we see at Chiropractic Plus are elbow sprains and nerve entrapments. With proper evaluation and diagnosis of the injured elbow we can provide simple, and effective treatments to get you feeling better.

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